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Screentest for Models and Talents

Morgeez Studios / Johannesburg [South Africa] / April 9, 2021 10:30

Event details

Date: April 9, 2021 10:30
Location: Morgeez Studios
Address: 18 Heelra Road Johannesburg South Africa
Phone: +27682503629

The event

The original casting brief for the weekly models and talents at the Morgeez, “Back To The Future” Audition Series

NB: This audition is the process every model or talent must go through in other to qualify, to be admitted into Morgeez Talent Agency for full representation and talent management.

Defining Talents:
acting, voiceovers, tv presenting, MC, photoshoots, singing, dancing, athletic, or DJing, poetry, including original modeling skills. Learn more here

Defining models:
Models are individual talents with distinctive character and beauty to perform such marketing responsibilities as fashion promotion and general products and services campaign ads.

Audition Categories and Brief

As a matter of principle at Morgeez Talent Agency, we expect all our models to be more than just pretty faces but highly talented individuals or groups that can fully represent the world.

In the same vein, we expect all talent applicant to be real talents. People who are good at what they do or have the potential to become great if mentored.


CAT-1.  Age Group – 8 to 12 

CAT-2. Age Group – 13 to 19 

CAT-3. Age Group – 20 to 26 

The primary age group signifies the group of talents that Morgeez Talent Agency is so much keen about. However, if you fall within the secondary age group and has all the talent or experience to back it up, you could be considered as well as the industry opportunities are endless.


CAT-4. Age Group – 27 to 34

CAT-5. Age Group – 35 to 42

CAT-5. Age Group – 45 to 55

  • All models must be unsigned to any agency. 
  • All Talents, must be unsigned to any other agency
  • We expect models to have great performance skills in anyone of these disciplines:  acting, voiceovers, tv presenting, MC, photoshoots, singing, dancing, athletic, or DJing, poetry, including original modeling skills


The look expected of all talents at the audition is that of upmarket and urban. The fashion sense should be directed towards that look. Hence we will appreciate and put preference to:

  1. Smart Casual, bright clothing
  2. Sporty dark color clothing only – not bright colors
  3. A smart corporate look


model references

Female models or talents should bear in mind the looks of Tyra Banks with attention to her dress and style appearances in the “American Next Top Model” tv series where she was a Presenter. Also, a Kim Kardashian look will be advantageous as well.

male models casting references
male models references

Male Models or talents should somewhat have the reference of David Grandy, Tyson Beckford and Lunga Shabalala and related looks and styles in their mind.

NB: All models must have great sets of teeth, great looks and shapes and most of all, talents in any area of the performing arts including: modeling, acting, singing or rapping, presenting, mc, dj, voiceover actor, dancing, comedy, and any other skills.


models audition at morgeez talent agency

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