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Act The Craft | Acting Workshops

Morgeez Studios / Johannesburg [South Africa] / March 31, 2021 11:00

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Event details

Date: March 31, 2021 11:00
Location: Morgeez Studios
Address: 18 Heelra Road Johannesburg South Africa
Phone: +27682503629

The event

Before trying to act or choosing acting as a career. There are compulsory basics one should know about the dramatic performance industry. Whether you are a talent or you aim to choose a business career path in performing act, it is very important to have these general knowledge.

Act The Craft is part of the Morgeez Talent Development Program that deals with mentoring talents and passionate individuals about the craft of acting. This is to nurture and develop those with passion for acting and with possibilities of taking up acting as a career after high school.

Through this program, we will also be able to expose the various business opportunities available in the craft of acting or the performing art industry in general.

The Morgeez Team will be hosting these workshops from time to time to build the performance skills of models and others acting talents. These school tours will be happening once in a month at different schools.

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