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Actors Audition | Screentest and Talent Evaluation

Morgeez Studios / March 6, 2021 close

The actors auditions is a special talent casting session under the “Back to The Future” Audition Series where Morgeez Talent Scouts are auditioning the best actors or aspiring actors in South Africa in particular and the continent in general. Talented actors of all ages. Experienced is an advantage and a […]

Screentest for Models and Talents

Morgeez Studios / April 9, 2021 close

The original casting brief for the weekly models and talents at the Morgeez, “Back To The Future” Audition Series.  NB: This audition is the process every model or talent must go through in other to qualify, to be admitted into Morgeez Talent Agency for full representation and talent management. Defining […]

Find Your Voice – The Voice Grooming Workshop

Morgeez Studios / April 24, 2021 close

Being a voice over actor is a very unique profession. One that has the potential of elevating your financial status as quick as possible. This profession has clients from all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, you have clients. The beauty of being a voice […]

Dance Flame

Morgeez Studios / May 29, 2021 close

The Mor’geez Dance Flame Talent Search is a strictly hip hop dance or any other form of urban dance competition aimed at sourcing talented but yet unknown dancers that could be listed under the Morgeez Talent Agency to be fully managed by the Morgeez Talent Management division. WHAT ARE WE […]

Music is Wealth | Music Business Workshop

Morgeez Studios / June 26, 2021 close

Dollar Sign is a special music business workshop aimed at teenagers especially secondary school pupils. The workshop is designed to teach and expose various music business and job opportunities in the music industry. Whereas, candidates will be thought the highly important but basic processes and steps into getting into the […]

Act The Craft

Morgeez Studios / August 31, 2021 close

Act The Craft is part of the Morgeez Talent Development Program that deals with mentoring talents and passionate individuals about the craft of acting. This is to nurture and develop those with passion for acting and with possibilities of taking up acting as a career after high school. Through this […]

Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2 | Now Open for Entry

Morgeez Studios / September 4, 2021 close

Are you a rapper, talented lyricist, and hip hop artists?  Race is not a barrier, gender is not even close to been a barrier. What we all about is real, authentic talent capable of causing a stir in the hip hop/rap music industry. Morgeez Records is opening its doors to […]

The Indie Artists Conference

Morgeez Studios / September 25, 2021 close

The Morgeez Indie Artists Conference will be one of the most powerful initiative dedicated solely to the enhancement of the indie music community. Please STAY TUNED TO THIS. More info coming soon! Join the Morgeez Community for regular update and exclusive info about this event and more. 1. ACTIVITIES – […]

Vocal Clash South Africa

Morgeez Studios / October 30, 2021 close

The Search for the Best Singer in South Africa VOCAL CLASH – is a singing talent competition created by Mor’geez Records to discover original talent to work with in the label as headline artist. Here, gender is no barrier nor the color of your skin, what we want is an […]

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