Indie Artists Conference – Details

Exclusive details and plans of the Indie Artists Conference. This is the outline of the bigger picture of the conference and what it really means for the independent artists and the music industry in general. #indieartistconference

The Morgeez Indie Artists Conference is designed to channel the right way forward as it regards the indie music industry. This conference is billed to cater to the entire indie music industry across multiple musical genres.

Our main focus among many others is to find the most possible opportunities that are available to indie artists. Most importantly, we are looking for ways to inculcate the habit of extreme talent development into the indie music industry so that the products put out by this division of the music industry can compete with the mainstream.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, the Morgeez Indie Artists Conference is ready and capable of providing every business opportunity that is required for the growth of the artists.

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a. Workshop on Hip hop dance
b. Vocal coaching for Rappers
C. Vocal coaching for singer
d. Songwriting
E. The performance  Technics.
f. Factual beats making
G. Demos submissions
H.. Demos Review and
I. Demos feedback.

a. The era of digital distribution (Pros & Cons)
B. Packaging an artist for marketability (Best Practices)
C. How to handle media and publicity (Identifying Approaches That Matters)
D. Break down of music contracts. (Unpacking Primary Music Contracts)
E. The need for indie collaborations (What Are the Ramifications)

A. Understanding the craft
b. Music promotion in the 21st century’s
C. Channeling and application  (Promotion goals)
d. What works today and tomorrow

a. In-depth look at music and performing art
b. how to organize local gigs (DIY)
c. Schools or college gigs introspection.

Morgeez will seek to partner with organizations,  civil society,  educational institutions,  urban clothing brands, music instruments manufacturing brands, music instruments distribution companies, software companies,  mobile gadgets, mobile phones brands, computer brands, club venues, hotel universities, NGOs, Dept of arts & culture,  SADEC Countries Arts and cultural dept, indie record labels in Africa, Ameria, Europe, and other potential partners.

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