Event Schedule for Rap Battle Royale

Schedule for the Morgeez Rap Battle Royal Competition is now published. This will be the guideline for rappers and fans alike as presented by Morgeez Promotions Check it out..

The schedule outlined how the event will pan out as it relates to all contestants. The information below is general advice on how the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale is structured. Contestants are advised to join the Rap Battle Group at the Morgeez Community Center to receive updated contest briefs on a per-week basis.

Here’s the event schedule for the Rap Rattle Royale – The way things will go!

Below is the Competition Schedule as it unfolds weekly:

Week 1a. All registered contestants show up for competition entry verification. Then there’s an introductory briefing of the competition to contestants by Morgeez Officials. 

Week 1b. This is a visual introduction section where contestants’ full profiles and biography are recorded in videos, profile photoshoots are conducted as well. This is a professional contestants packaging section.

Week 2. All contestants show up and now split into groups to compete in a random fashion. All Groups Competes and no winner emerges from any groups as this will be group members going head to head, familiarizing themselves and testing each other’s capability

schedule for the Morgeez Rap Battle Rap Battle Royale Competition
rap battle royal competition schedule

Week 3. Contestants now go head to head. The kings continued to battle for their existence in the competition and chance for the ultimate Royale crown. This round will be crucial as this will be the semi-final round of the competition. The weakest links will be voted out and the standing kings will qualify for the finale.

Week 4. At this stage, the final winner will be unveiled.  The strongest king who dominates is the fans’ ultimate choice and he or she will become the winner of the entire competition.
This winner will be unveiled after their performances have been broadcast on social media and the king with the popular vote will be the winner who will be announced in the next round.

Week 5. At this round, the winning king will be announced.  However,  the runners up will go head to head on a showcase extravaganza battle which might see them win consolation prices.

Week 6. This is the final show. This is more of a ceremony as His Royale Highness has already been crowned. However. this day’s activities will include:

  • Performance for a small audience of friends and family including a small number of invitees.
  • Promo Photoshoot session for the King
  • Small interview with the Morgeez Media crew focusing on the experience throughout the contest.

By and large, this will be the scope of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale Competition. Please note that progressions and elimination will be depending on the number of contestants. For further information on grand prize and weekly winners prizes, please visit the prizing card information page Or to get your contestant entry ticket now, click here


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