What is Screen test for actors? Why you need Screen Test as a Talent?

There are various reasons why screen test is very important and highly recommended for actors and any talent for that matter. There are lots of talents who believe that they are the best, they are the most talented individuals or groups on the planet.  Some had done a couple of commercials or acted in some movies, performs at some local concerts or clubs before, some had gone through some college training with some form of degree, certificate, or diplomas. While others have had no formal training, nor do any form of official performances. Yet they all would claim they are the best. 

All of these claims and training have different bearings on the career of the talent. If talent is seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry as a performer, it only means that certain factors or measures of gauge need to be applied to determine the level of talent and performance ability of the talent. This is where Morgeez Talent Agency has exclusively developed the method of ascertaining a talent’s level of competency and this method is what we call “Screen test”.

What is the Main Purpose of Screentest at Morgeez Talent Agency?

Morgeez Talent Agency prides itself as one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking talent agencies in the world. Because Morgeez Records, the parent company of Morgeez Talent Agency is passionate about improving the standards of performances in the industries including music and dramatic performances, we have put various programs of talent development in place and quite frankly, talent screen test is one of them.

So, before a talent is recruited into the agency, there has to be a proper screen test carried out on the talent. This is to help us determine the level of talent and the understanding of the talent as it relates to the industry for which they are applying to be represented.

Why actors and talents required screen test
Screen test for talents

Who has to pass through a screen test?

Anyone seeking an opportunity in the performing art industry. Anyone who wants to join Morgeez Talent Agency for professional representation and talent management. Whether you have formal training, being acting before, been performing before, or you just a newbie, you surely need to be screen-tested by Morgeez Talent Agency’s casting director.

Here’s a list of talent discipline that we always seek to represent and have to pass through the Morgeez Screen test:

  1. Models and Actors
  2. Voice Over Actors, MCs, Comedians
  3. Music Artists and Vocalists
  4. TV Presenters and Radio Hosts
  5. Dancers and Theater Troupes

By and large, as a talent, you are interested in joining Morgeez Talent Agency, this is where we start. This is the ultimate screen test and gateway to becoming one of our talents.

Picturing Your Typical Screentest – What to expect in a screen test

Putting into perspective for the sake of those who may not have gotten an idea of what a screen test is all about. This is just a brief but I promise you a more elaborate article on what happens during a screentest on the Morgeez official blog.

Below are a few things you should expect at your screentest:

  1. Professional profile photoshoot
  2. Script reading and script interpretation
  3. Presenting Preview
  4. Dance routines (Dancers)
  5. Vocal projection reviews
  6. Performance techniques reviews

These are just some of the few outlines of your typical screen test session. 

Screentest Report and Feedback

The cool thing about the Morgeez Screentest is that after all is said and done, we are able to compile a brief report for you based on our assessment of your talent through your performances at the screentest.

From here, we are able to proceed with recruiting you into the agency as one of our talents. Most importantly, we are able to make important suggestions on what to do, to get you to improve your performances, and advise on how to achieve a maximum level of marketability.

Like we always, say, “everything starts from here”. Your journey through life with us as your talent agent and as a career talent begins right from a simple screentest with Morgeez.

Now you know, simply grab your Screentest ticket by clicking here, and see you at the next screen test that will see your career begin with Morgeez Talent Agency. Please note that screen tests are conducted at the Morgeez Studios or virtually from your location through the ZOOM app.

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